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Excellent podcast for and about Landscape Architects
Michael Toderan’s podcast is an incredible window into the diversity of landscape architecture practice and thought. The breadth of interview topics and people is amazing. Michael skillfully leads conversations that flow naturally from projects to current issues in design to our role and responsibility as landscape architects to ensure environmental, social, and racial justice. The Landscape Architecture Podcast is a great resource. Always looking forward to the next episode!

Love the podcast, lose the guitar plz
First of all I love this podcast. I am very glad that landscape architecture has a podcast presence and I appreciate all the work that goes into it. However, the slow guitar intro and outro on some of the recent episodes is driving me crazy! I don’t think it fits the vibe at all. Every time I hear it I impulsively want to turn it off. I’m still gonna give five stars because I like the podcast, but please reconsider the music!

Thoughtful and meaningful conversations.
It is great to hear conversations with people that care about the world in an actionable way. The focus of these conversations may be broad or narrow, but always stimulating. The discipline of Landscape Architecture just may be emerging into the idea that there is only one landscape. Keep at it!

Finally, a podcast for and by landcsape architects
Landscape architecture is such an expansive profession, yet so rarely represented in broader discussions about design. This standard interview format allows for a deep dive into different aspects of the landscape architecture profession. The terminology and content isn't watered down either, so it's something that all designers or practitioners can learn something from. I also enjoy getting to know the people behind the work, to better know the personalities that deliver a their thoughts and projects to the built environment. This podcast has grown tremendously in quality and content since its early episodes, so I can only see a brighter future for it as time goes on. Keep up the great work!!!

Applicable to all designers
I am not a Landscape Architect, but I do work in the design field as a UX Designer. There is a lot to appreciate about this podcast. The hosts seem to do a great job researching their guests and knowing great questions to ask them. A lot of the content can be applied even to my field, as the underlying principles are the same. Earlier in the year I was gaining a strong interest in horticulture, and later in the year I became interested in learning more about landscape architecture. Thankfully this podcast exists to give someone like me and inside look into the profession when I don't know anyone in my personal circle of contacts that does this. I was actually surprised to find that there aren't a whole lot of landscape architecture podcasts that have current content. I like to listen to podcasts that have a regular cadence of podcast episodes. This podcast seems to have a good regular cadence that I can count on. Who knows, I may just switch my career over to landscape architecture some day. Thanks for the great content!

Interesting and diverse podcast
One of the things I enjoy most about this podcast is the diversity of topics and guests covered by this show. The range of topics and interesting conversation ensures that I am learning a lot and inspired in new ways each time I listen.

When thinking about a property, landscape architecture is an often underrated piece of the puzzle. Mr. Todoran has opened up intelligent dialog that has been much needed in this platform. Also, I'm learning a lot about how landscape architecture is often overlooked but is a vital factor in our first feelings about a building or exterior space! Thank you for the discussions-- Please keep them coming!

A Must Listen for Landscape Architects
Michael and his team of hosts have developed something incredibly special: a thoughtfully-hosted conversation about all facets of contemporary landscape architecture practice. From climate change and homelessness to sources of inspiration, design process, and business planning, the Landscape Architecture Podcast delivers exceptional content that is equally engaging for people considering entering the profession, mid-career practitioners and by seasoned veterans.

Great down to earth dialogue
As a newcomer to landscape architecture this podcast has been a fantastic opportunity for me to get a sense for the full breadth of the field. I love the diverse backgrounds and interests of the guests Michael has on the podcast.

Listen to this Podcast!!!! It’s an invaluable source of inspiration for anyone involved in the field of Landscape Architecture and would make interesting subject matter for anyone involved in physical design. You get access to top level design professionals for inspiration and knowledge! Highly recommended!

Great info
Great pod cast and information. Keep them coming. Highly recommend

Subscribe to this podcast and never look back!
I've been addicted to landscape architecture for many years but more recently to podcasts. Both my addictions now in one place, it's perfect. The creativity and content of this podcast is fantastic. This will certainly improve our profession for the better. I'm so proud to be a part of the larch profession and of the creator of this podcast.

Alma and Friends...
Great job on the Alma and Friends episode tackling an important societal issue. Keep up the amazing work!

Sheds light on an underrepresented design profession.
Landscape Architecture is all around us- so happy to have found a well programmed podcast available for the masses. With great guests and discussions, Michael Todoran is helping light the built environment around us and understanding how we experience it. Keep up the great work and thanks for chauffeuring LA into the digital age!

Not Pretentious
The Craig Verzone episode was nice and fun to listen to. I like that I could hear the hosts child in the back ground. Made for a nice family feel.

Developing nicely
I have been listening to this podcast since it's inception. After listening to the Alma and friends episode I felt it was necessary to acknowledge the maturity of these dispatches.

It's great to finally have a podcast for an amazing yet underrepresented design profession!

The Diversity of Our Field
The field of Landscape Architecture is very broad and diverse. This is a great way to explore all the different ways in which Landscape Architecture can be practiced. Landscape Architects have huge responsbilities and play great roles in integrating and uniting people with the environment.

Nice British Accent Intro
My mom was a landscape architect. I'm not, but it brings back memories of her driving to gardens in England.

Who knew?
I've always had an interest in architecture, but the more I hear about landscape architecture and the more it's romanticised the more I want to hear. That beat in the beginning is pretty cool. Anyone know what it is?

Nice pace and straight to it
I really liked how the first episode started straightaway with a pull quote, small intro, and then right into the content.

Great fun, good information
Thanks so much Michael for interviewing me. I hope that this podcast and your future podcasts inform people about our wonderful profession so that they can improve their lives through improving their environments.

Great Podcast
I love this podcast! It has unique perspectives that show the beauty and relevance of this art form. It gives an insight into the design process while working with real world considerations which is very interesting. It’s great to hear creative minds at work in Landscape Architecture.

Finally a produced show that recognizes Landscape Architecture as its own discipline and not embedded within another discipline or even worse as a novelty. Looking forward to more episodes.

I really appreciated hearing about the relationship between Landscape Architecture and Feng Shu, it was fascinating and the host asked intelligent questions. I have subscribed and I cannot wait until the next episode.