The Landscape Architecture Podcast

The Landscape Architecture Podcast

Our Mission
To record and share the stories, intentions, and impacts of emerging and established landscape architects.

As landscape architecture’s role expands to shape both physical and socioeconomic spaces, we can increase our contributions to environmental impact, social justice, and new roles yet to be seen by broadcasting the profession’s diverse voices and their associated discussions.

By capturing and expanding the dialogue of important issues within our field, we aim to amplify the current and future conversations that shape the ever-evolving field of landscape architecture.

Recent Episodes

Nov. 20, 2023

Cliff Garten

this episode sponsored by: Cliff Garten Cliff Garten is an internationally recognized sculptor and founder of Cliff Garten Studio in Venice, California. By connecting people to places and infrastructure through sculptural m…
Aug. 28, 2023

SEL West Coast Artists

Marcel Blanco known by the street name SEL, is a Los Angeles based, multifaceted artist best recognized by his paintings and murals that evoke emotion and thought through his use of color, narrative imagery and movement.  Hi…
July 5, 2023

Sarah Lisiecki

Trends in Play
May 14, 2023

Billy Krimmel

This episode is sponsored by   BILLY KRIMMEL FOUNDER, ECOLOGIST Billy completed his PhD in Ecology at UC Davis where he focused his research on native plant-insect interactions. Billy also holds a Bachelor of Science from Br…
April 18, 2023

Diane Lipovsky and Stacy Passmore

Jan. 22, 2023

Thomas Balsley

Thomas Balsley is a renowned designer whose New York City-based practice is best known for its fusion of landscape and urbanism in public parks, waterfronts, and plazas throughout the US and abroad. For over 35 years, Tom’s …