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I am not a Landscape Architect, but I do work in the design field as a UX Designer. There is a lot to appreciate about this podcast. The hosts seem to do a great job researching their guests and knowing great questions to ask them. A lot of the content can be applied even to my field, as the underlying principles are the same.

Earlier in the year I was gaining a strong interest in horticulture, and later in the year I became interested in learning more about landscape architecture. Thankfully this podcast exists to give someone like me and inside look into the profession when I don't know anyone in my personal circle of contacts that does this. I was actually surprised to find that there aren't a whole lot of landscape architecture podcasts that have current content. I like to listen to podcasts that have a regular cadence of podcast episodes. This podcast seems to have a good regular cadence that I can count on.

Who knows, I may just switch my career over to landscape architecture some day. Thanks for the great content!

Dec. 20, 2017 by Gogy el dragon on Apple Podcasts

The Landscape Architecture Podcast

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