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BCIburke.com At Burke®, play moves us each and every day to bring the best in play, playgrounds, recreation, and outdoor fitness equipment to communities around the world.


Land F/X

Land F/X provides software plugins that adapt AutoCAD and SketchUp to landscape architecture and irrigation design. Features include “smart” plant blocks and hatches that can be assigned with data (such as plant variety and per-unit cost); instant labeling, scheduling, and error checking; automatic pipe sizing and flow/pressure calculations based on the Hazen-Williams formula; and an unparalleled system for drafting and organizing details. Since launching in 2004, Land F/X has grown into a trusted tool for more than 2,000 firms worldwide. The company also offers F/X CAD – an Autodesk-authorized version of AutoCAD tailored to the needs of landscape architects and irrigation designers.


Atomic Irrigation


Atomic Irrigation is a irrigation consulting firm that specializes in irrigation systems design. The firm utilizes the latest technology to ensure excellence and consistency in water resource management, regardless of project size.





Since 1976, QCP has remained a family-owned and operated business, manufacturing an extensive line of precast concrete architectural amenities and concrete site furnishings. QCP adheres to the most stringent industry requirements. QCP offers superior quality that only a certified precast concrete production plant can provide.

QCP is committed to building a greener and safer environment and can help you achieve LEED project points with environmentally-friendly precast concrete solutions. We offer the industry’s widest variety of precast concrete color and texture combinations, as well as options to customize any of our standard concrete products.

QCP has built and has sustained its reputation by doing whatever it takes to meet our customers' precast concrete needs. QCP's fleet of crane-equipped trucks ensures the utmost in safety and convenience, so our customers are able to get exactly what they need, where they need it, when they need it, every time.

Architectural precast concrete site furnishings and amenities by QCP. Built to last a lifetime... and then some.



Landscape Structures

Landscape Structures believes that design matters, but that play matters more in shaping the lives of kids. Visit playlsi.com, and discover how your playground design can create a world of possibility for children.





Hunter Industries is a family-owned global company that provides high quality, efficient solutions for the irrigation, outdoor lighting, and custom molding industries. Our diverse array of products can be seen everywhere from residential landscapes, to stadiums, national landmarks, theme parks, city parks, commercial complexes, hotels, and municipal buildings around the world. Whether you're from New York, Shanghai, Sydney, Paris, Moscow, or Cairo, the odds are you've probably encountered a Hunter product somewhere along the way.