July 27, 2020

Janelle Brookes and Ethan Perrotte

Janelle Brookes and Ethan Perrotte

Instagram @poc_arch

POC Architecture General Information

Who we are & our mission

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We are a couple of black architecture students from Canada. We created this page to showcase architecture projects done by people of colour. During the course of our education, we noticed a lack of architecture projects from people of colour being taught. As a result, this page was created to promote diversity in the field of architecture. 


As black architecture students we found it difficult to find a role model and motivation when we rarely learned about black architects or other architects of colour on a daily basis. We believe it does the next generation of architects a disservice if they do not learn diverse perspectives of design and experiences from people of colour in the industry. There are architects of colour doing great work however they are highly under-represented in the profession. This is a problem because students and professionals definitely need a more expanded/global understanding of design. It would ultimately help them create sustainable and successful architecture all over the world. We encourage everyone to contact their school or speak with their colleagues at work about the lack of diversity in the architecture profession. We challenge architecture schools to diversify their case studies and include more work from people of colour. We also call upon architecture firms to reevaluate the amount of diversity in their organization. 


We showcase work from architecture students, professionals etc. and multiple mediums of work are encouraged.If you are a person of colour and would like your architectural work to be featured on our Instagram page “POC_Arch”, please email us at pocarch@gmail.com or direct message us for further inquiries.