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Brennan Cox

Landscape Architect

Brennan is a Founding Partner of Groundworks Office with 22 years of experience. With a focus on creating and building a vibrant and ecologically rich public realm, he is amongst a new generation of designers using technology as a tool for design, prototyping and constructing innovative landscapes.
Brennan believes in a hands-on approach to every project, he asks a lot of questions and is immensely dedicated to building lasting projects. In his 22 years of building projects he knows nothing comes easy, and nothing can replace good ole- fashion hard work. He is dogmatic in his dedication to produce landscapes that are inspiring, creative and original.
His inspiration is nourished by his deep curiosity for how things work. He seeks to build projects that instill a sense of wonder and connection with our fragile and complex world and is a believer that projects should foster knowledge and nurture our sensitive ecosystem.